How to Sign Up for For the Strength of All

It’s very simple to sign up for the daily email. First, go to any page on (including this one). On the right of that page is a little box that says “Subscribe and Commit”. There’ll be a place to type your email address in it, then after you type in your email address simply hit the “Subscribe” button. The site will send your address an email asking for you to confirm your subscription. Make sure that you find the email and activate your account. Without doing that, the site won’t send you a single post. It may take a few minutes, but often refreshing your email will bring the confirmation email up. Subscribing allows the computer to automatically forward every post made on directly to your email, specifically the daily reminder. Even if the segment has already started, it’s not too late; just start now and make the commitment so that you can hit the ground rolling when the next segment comes.

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