Suggestions on Ways to Keep the Lord’s Standards of Education

Because the primary commitment is a little broad, these are some suggestions of what you are committing to when you say that you’ll live the For the Strength of Youth’s standards on Education. Of course, not every suggestion applies to every person, so use them as you wish.

  • You commit to coming to your classes, aka, you commit to not skipping school.
  • You commit to paying attention in class, aka, you commit to not just be playing games on your phone the entire time.
  • You commit to participating in class through discussion, answering questions, or any other appropriate ways.
  • You commit to getting your homework done and turned in on time.
  • You commit to working hard on doing your homework well.
  • You commit to working hard to become better at your job.
  • You commit to doing your school instead of having fun when it is necessary.
  • You commit to making goals for your education.
  • You commit to telling others of your educational goals so that they can support you.
  • You commit to sticking with you educational goals even when it gets harder or you really want to do something else.
  • You commit to asking (appropriate) questions when you are curious.
  • You commit to finding something practical and learning a lot about it.
  • You commit to finding something you like and learning about it.
  • You commit to finding a skill or talent of yours and developing it.
  • You commit to reading at least one scripture every day.
  • You commit to paying attention in Sacrament meeting.
  • You commit to not goofing off in Sunday school.
  • You commit to participating in Priesthood/Relief Society/Young Women’s.
  • You commit to going to seminary/institute.
  • You commit to making spiritual learning a priority in life
  • You commit to making your education in general a priority in life, whether that be math and English, cooking and housekeeping, how to make and be a friend, or anything else you can think of.
  • You commit to taking charge of your education, not just letting everybody else spoon-feed it to you, or worse, have to force-feed it to you.
  • You commit to thinking about your future, about how your education will affect your family life, career, and service in the church, and about how it will help you to be God’s hands on Earth. has a lot of great resources on the topic (scroll to the bottom), including a website that has a variety of resources to help you plan for your education after high school and several talks by the prophets and apostles (such as this one) that you might want to check out.

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments, but please remember to be respectful and mindful of others. Try to base what you say on what is found in the For the Strength of Youth section on Education.

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