Sabbath Day Observance Closing Post

Congratulations! The Sabbath Day Observance segment has finished! Or, at least, it will finish when today is over. I hope that you are having a fantastic General Conference! Isn’t it cool how many talks mentioned keeping the Sabbath Day Holy? It’s great to know that we are doing His will.

The next segment will be starting later today when I send out the initiation email at 6:00 pm. The topic will be Service and the segment will last for three weeks, until Sunday October 25.

Before you let this topic rest: ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” Write what you think of down. It can be a specific instance, a favorite quote, a feeling, a thought, whatever it is, write it down. I find it helps me to put the hard work into perspective, seeing how much it has helped.

To conclude this segment, here’s a final thought, quoted from The Lord’s Day by James E. Faust:

“Where is the line as to what is acceptable and unacceptable on the Sabbath? Within the guidelines, each of us must answer this question for ourselves. While these guidelines are contained in the scriptures and in the words of the modern prophets, they must also be written in our hearts and governed by our conscience. Brigham Young said of the faithful, “The spirit of their religion leaks out of their hearts.” (Journal of Discourses, 15:83.) It is quite unlikely that there will be any serious violation of Sabbath worship if we come humbly before the Lord and offer him all our heart, our soul, and our mind. (See Matt. 22:37.)

“What is worthy or unworthy on the Sabbath day will have to be judged by each of us by trying to be honest with the Lord. On the Sabbath day we should do what we have to do and what we ought to do in an attitude of worshipfulness and then limit our other activities. I wish to testify unequivocally concerning the blessings of Sabbath day worship in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

~ George

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