Physical and Emotional Health Closing Post

Congratulations! The Physical and Emotional Health segment has finished! The next segment will be starting later today when I send out the initiation email at 6:00 pm. The topic will be Repentance and the segment will last for three weeks, until September 13. I should warn that during that period I will be preparing to leave for college on September 9 (BYU-I 🙂 ) Everything should continue to work properly, but just a heads up. Also, sometime this segment I should be sending out a survey to get some feedback on FTSOA, so keep a look out for that.

Before you let this topic rest: ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” Write what you think of down. It can be a specific instance, a favorite quote, a feeling, a thought, whatever it is, write it down. I find it helps me to put the hard work into perspective, seeing how much it has helped.

To conclude this segment, here’s a final thought, quoted from The Sanctity of the Body by Susan W. Tanner:

“Our bodies are our temples. We are not less but more like Heavenly Father because we are embodied. I testify that we are His children, made in His image, with the potential to become like Him. Let us treat this divine gift of the body with great care. Someday, if we are worthy, we shall receive a perfected, glorious body—pure and clean like [a newborn child,] only inseparably bound to the spirit. And we shall shout for joy to receive this gift again for which we have longed. May we respect the sanctity of the body during mortality so that the Lord may sanctify and exalt it for eternity. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

~ George

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