Nightly Reminder on Language: #8 out of 21

What do the words I use say about me?

“How you communicate should reflect who you are as a son or daughter of God. Clean and intelligent language is evidence of a bright and wholesome mind.” – For the Strength of Youth

(Note: It appears that quite a few Nightly Posts “Missed Schedule” while I was away from all computers on a 50 mile canoe trip, so I’m just going to have them all posted now. You, of course, don’t have to read them all, but they still need to be posted for continuity’s sake.)

“If you have developed the habit of using language that is not in keeping with these standards – such as swearing, mocking, gossiping, or speaking in anger to others – you can change. Pray for help. Ask your family and friends to support you in your desire to use good language.” – For the Strength of Youth, emphasis added.

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