How to More Easily Remember Your Commitment to Language

Something that is often a problem when making a commitment is that it can be hard to remember a commitment during the entire day. The Nightly Reminder was a step towards that, but it wasn’t enough. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start spamming your inbox all day with reminders, but what I suggest is that you do it to yourself in a way. During the last week of the Gratitude segment, I had a message on my phone that I saw every single time I turned it on, and that message was “What am I thankful for?” Through this regular reminder I was able to become more focused on what I was thankful for, even in times when I usually wouldn’t have thought about it. I also used this method during the last segment on Honesty and Integrity (the note was “Am I being Honest?”).

What I propose is that you leave a note somewhere that you would see it often. You can do it on your phone like I did, put a sticky note somewhere that you would often see it, write it on an index card and put it in your pocket, or whatever else you think would best help you keep the commitment.

As opposed to last segment, I’m not going to give just one thing to put on your note. There are too many things to choose from. Instead, read over the For the Strength of Youth section and find something specific you want to work on. Some example notes are:

  • Avoid gossip of any kind.
  • Do not tease.
  • Nothing but Positive. (what I’m doing)
  • Use Good Language.
  • I will not swear.

Use one of the suggestions, or make your own, but either way I feel it is something that will help us to more fully live these standards and become like Christ.

~ George

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