Go Forward in Faith Segment Closing Post

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the Go Forward with Faith segment! Normally this would mean the end of a year of For the Strength of All, but because we started 2 weeks into the year we had to skip the Agency and Accountability segment. Thus, those who started at the very beginning of FTSOA have only three more weeks before the completion of this year long project. Later today there will be a post about how For the Strength of All will proceed in the future. The next segment will be starting later today when I send out the initiation email at 6:00 pm ET. The topic will be Agency and Accountability and the segment will most likely last for three weeks, until Sunday January 17.

Before you let this topic rest, ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” Write what you think of down. It can be a specific instance, a favorite quote, a feeling, a thought, whatever it is, write it down. I find it helps me to put the hard work into perspective, seeing how much it has helped.

Trying to find a quote to end the segment, the song “O Thou Rock of Our Salvation” just keeps coming to mind. I know I used it this morning, so for something different you could listen to it here or maybe try to learn it. I’m doing both, personally. It’s just amazing how well the lyrics exemplify the principle of “Go Forward With Faith” when you think about them.

O Thou Rock of Our Salvation

Hymns, O Thou Rock of Our Salvation, no. 258

  • 1. O thou Rock of our salvation,
    Jesus, Savior of the world,
    In our poor and lowly station
    We thy banner have unfurled.
  • (Chorus)
    Gather round the standard bearer;
    Gather round in strength of youth.
    Ev’ry day the prospect’s fairer
    While we’re battling for the truth.
  • 2. We a war ‘gainst sin are waging;
    We’re contending for the right.
    Ev’ry day the battle’s raging;
    Help us, Lord, to win the fight.
  • 3. Onward, onward, we’ll be singing
    As we’re marching firm and true,
    Each succeeding battle ringing,
    Earnest of what we can do.
  • 4. When for all that we’ve contended,
    When the fight of faith we’ve won,
    When the strife and battle’s ended,
    And our labor here is done,
  • (Chorus after fourth verse)
    Then, O Rock of our salvation,
    Jesus, Savior of the world,
    Take us from our lowly station;
    Let our flag with thee be furled.

Text: Joseph L. Townsend, 1849-1942. Music: William Clayson, 1840-188

~ George

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