FTSOA Starting Post for the Agency and Accountability Segment

Hello! This is the Agency and Accountability segment’s starting post. If you are new or would like a reminder of how everything is run with FTSOA, click here for a post on how it all works.

For those reading this post, as usual I recommend that you read to the end because I’ve written all the last paragraphs specifically for this segment.

  • First off, this morning I said to ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” If you, like me, didn’t have time to, I suggest you do it now.
  • For those who don’t have their own copy of For the Strength of Youth, you can read the section on Agency and Accountability by clicking here.
  • The daily reminders, as well as new posts, will be posted on the website ForTheStrengthOfAll.com if you wish to view them online instead of in your inbox.
  • You will be able to find previous reminders here.

There are two commitments, one broad commitment that you make now and one that will be sent to you every day that is a bit more specific. Here is the broad commitment:

I, ____________________, have read the For the Strength of Youth section on Agency and Accountability and commit to living the standards mentioned there today and every day until January 17, 2016.

It is very important to read the topic’s For the Strength of Youth section before committing to the program. There is also a second commitment that is based on the question at the end of the Agency and Accountability section of FTSOY:

Today I, ____________________, will make choices that lead me toward lasting happiness.

It is this 2nd commitment that will be sent every day. To help with the commitment, you may want to leave a note for yourself somewhere, perhaps a sticky note on your desk or a digital reminder on your phone, wherever you think that it would most help you keep your commitment to Agency and Accountability. There will also be an optional second post sent out at 3:00 pm ET each day which, if you read it, can help remind you to look back over your day to see how well you are keeping your commitment.

To start this segment, the thing that I feel like I must emphasize is the act of choosing. We have been given the ability to choose, and we MUST use it. We cannot just sit passively by, following the crowd. That is how Satan gets to us. Elder Bednar once gave a talk to the youth in our stake. This was several years ago, but one thing I still remember is him saying that “We must be agents, not objects. Agents act, but objects are acted upon,” (paraphrased from memory). Agents are the ones who do things, the ones who endure, the ones who choose God and deliberately turn their lives toward Him. Objects may do things, but only when necessity or an agent makes them. Objects won’t endure to the end because they won’t be able to stand up to the forces that are against them. Objects may know of God, but they don’t seek Him. They don’t try. In the end, only the agents will be able to achieve salvation.

So I propose that in this segment, we focus on our choices. We make so many in a given day it would be impossible to keep track of them. But let us try to be a bit more deliberate in these choices. We have been told by the prophets to have a prayer always in our hearts and to counsel with God in all things. This is a hard but worthy goal. As we examine how we are using our agency, see where the choices we make are leading us, and try to listen to the spirit, we take another step on the path toward salvation, our ultimate goal in this life.

~ George

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