FTSOA Starting Post for the 2016 Dating Segment

Hello! This is the Dating segment’s starting post. If you are new or would like a reminder of how everything is run with For the Strength of All, click here for a post on how it all works.

For those reading this post, as usual I recommend that you read to the end because I’ve written all the last paragraphs specifically for this segment.

  • First off, this morning I said to ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” If you, like me, didn’t have time to, I suggest you do it now.
  • For those who don’t have their own copy of For the Strength of Youth, you can read the section on Dating by clicking here.
  • The daily reminders, as well as new posts, will be posted on the website ForTheStrengthOfAll.com if you wish to view them online instead of in your inbox.
  • You will be able to find previous reminders here.

There are two commitments, one broad commitment that you make now and one that will be sent to you every day that is a bit more specific. Here is the broad commitment:

I, ____________________, have read the For the Strength of Youth section on Dating and commit to living the standards mentioned there today and every day until February 21, 2016.

Note that this segment will last only two weeks, largely so that we can fit the whole 17 topics in a year. Also, notice that it is very important to read the topic’s For the Strength of Youth section before committing to the program. There is also a second commitment that is based on the final question of the Dating section of For the Strength of Youth:

I, ____________________, will be a righteous influence on those I date.

It is this 2nd commitment that will be sent every day. To help with the commitment, you may want to leave a note for yourself somewhere, perhaps a sticky note on your desk or a digital reminder on your phone, wherever you think that it would most help you keep your commitment to Dating. There will also be an optional second post sent out at 3:00 pm ET each day which, if you read it, can help remind you to look back over your day to see how well you are keeping your commitment.

First off, I’d like to apologize for this being so late. My calling was keeping me busy until 4 pm MT, and then I was so exhausted that I couldn’t bring myself to work on it until I got some dinner. Then I finished writing it and forgot to post it. Anyhow, here it is.

One thing to notice about this segment is that it is 14 days (2 weeks) as opposed to the normal 21. First, the reason why we need one segment to be 14 days instead of 21 days is so that the 19 topics can fit into one year. Second, the reason that this segment was chosen to be the shorter one is that, unlike most of the others, this one doesn’t involve much in the way of habit breaking/habit forming. It is largely going to be about learning what the prophets’ advice is and what the church guidelines are, as well as commitments to live those guidelines. This segment will also be different than the others because it will have a different For the Strength of Youth quote for each day, similar to the sexual purity segment.

As for an opening thought of the segment, I just want rehearse what I believe to be one of the central themes of For the Strength of All: that as you obey the counsel in For the Strength of Youth, you will grow to be one of the happiest people in the world. No exceptions. On the other hand, as you disregard and ignore the counsel found For the Strength of Youth, you make yourself unhappy and risk a catastrophe.

I mention this because though the church has standards regarding dating, many many choose not to follow them or teach them to their children. The standards are there for your happiness, and as you obey them you will be thankful, happy, and safe.

~ George

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