FTSOA Repentance Starting Post

Hello! This is the Repentance starting post. If you are new or would like a reminder of how everything is run with FTSOA, click here for a post on how it all works.

For those reading this post, I continue to recommend that you read to the end because I’ve written all the last paragraphs specifically for this segment.

  • First off, this morning I said to ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” If you, like me, didn’t have time to due to rushing off to Church, I suggest you do it now.
  • For those who don’t have their own copy of For the Strength of Youth, you can read the section on Repentance by clicking here.
  • The daily reminders, as well as new posts, will be posted on the website ForTheStrengthOfAll.com if you wish to view them online instead of in your inbox.
  • You will be able to find previous reminders here.

There are two commitments, one broad commitment that you make now and one that will be sent to you every day that is a bit more specific. Here is the broad commitment:

I, ____________________, have read the For the Strength of Youth section on Repentance and commit to living the standards mentioned there today and every day until September 13, 2015.

As you can see, it is very important to read the For the Strength of Youth section on Repentance before committing to the program.

There is also a second commitment that is based on the very last sentence of the For the Strength of Youth section on Repentance:

Today I, ____________________, will strive to bring the power of the Atonement into my life.

It is this 2nd commitment that will be sent every day. To help with the commitment, you may want to leave a note for yourself somewhere, perhaps a sticky note on your desk or a digital reminder on your phone, wherever you think that it would most help you keep your commitment to Repentance. There will also be an optional second post sent out at 3:00 p.m. each day which, if you read it, can help remind you to look back over your day to see how well you are keeping your commitment.

One more thing, I moved the nightly reminder up to 3:00 pm because  6:00 pm may still be too late for some people. I’ll be sending out a survey for feedback on FTSOA sometime this segment, and one of the questions will be about the timing of the Nightly Reminder.

So, Repentance. The daily commitment says that you will strive to “bring the power of the Atonement into [your] life.” How can we do this? Well, it’s in this segment’s title; we must repent.

But what does it mean to repent? LDS.org defines it as “a change of mind and heart that brings a fresh attitude toward God, oneself, and life in general.” This is something that really struck home to me a few weeks ago when reading in the scriptures that we should “preach repentance” unto the people. At the time, it struck me as odd, thinking of someone standing on a soapbox, yelling “You must repent!” at passerby. No way this would work nowadays, even if it seemed like it happened all the time in the past. However, I remembered something that I’d heard many times but which had never sunk in before, that to repent is to change. It isn’t just an “I’m sorry for ______ bad thing I did, (such as lie, cheat, steal, etc.)” It’s any change for the better. So, when we are commanded to “preach repentance,” we are essentially called to preach the gospel! This is something we do all the time and which seems much less stand-on-a-soapbox-crying-doom-and-destruction-ey.

Amazingly, if every change for the better is repentance the entire concept of For the Strength of All is to repent! We are already pros at this “repenting every day” thing, having been doing it for months now!

That said, this segment is still going to be important. There are some things that For the Strength of Youth says specifically about the repentance process, and it would be a waste to skip it. In conclusion, I propose that throughout the next 3 weeks we are going to try to be more deliberate in our repentance, to make an effort to bring the Savior and His Atonement into our daily lives, and we can do that by remembering Him, learning of Him, praying to Him, and striving to be like Him.

~ George

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