Suggestions on Ways to Keep the Lord’s Standards of Dress and Appearance

Because the primary commitment is a little broad, these are some suggestions of what you are committing to when you say that you’ll live the For the Strength of Youth’s standards on Dress and Appearance. Use them as you wish.

  • You commit to not wearing that shirt that is to small for you because it’s either too tight or doesn’t always cover you properly (such as when you lean over).
  • You commit to not wearing that piece of clothing that is tight, see through, or otherwise revealing, whether it fits you or not.
  • You commit not to wearing more than one pair of earrings (if you’re a girl) or not to wear any at all (if you’re a boy).
  • You commit to bathing regularly and often because we are told to be clean.
  • You commit to not wearing tank tops, short shorts, belly shirts, etc. Anything that does not cover you properly. This goes for boys as well.
  • You commit to wearing “appropriately modest” clothing when you play sports. This means no bikinis/swim briefs (more commonly known as Speedos), wearing sleeves whenever possible, etc.
  • You commit to not wearing clothing that has holes or tears in it because it is “inappropriately casual”.
  • You commit to not wearing clothing that shows vulgar words or pictures.
  • You commit to not walking around without a shirt, whether you’re boy or girl.
  • You commit to wearing church clothes to church.
  • You commit to taking care of your body, such as brushing your teeth.
  • You commit to getting a haircut if your hair is “inappropriately casual”.
  • You commit to not going to the store in your pajamas.
  • You commit to not walking around without pants/shorts/a dress, even if you’re inside your house.
  • You commit to not getting a tattoo.
  • You commit to not drawing on yourself.
  • You commit to thanking God for the body that He gave you.
  • You commit to always remembering the sacredness of your body.
  • You commit to being well-groomed.
  • You commit to asking for help from the right people if you are unsure of what is “appropriately modest”.
  • You commit to simply not wearing something if you are unsure if it is “appropriately modest”.
  • You commit to never lowering your standard of dress and appearance.
  • You commit to not using a special occasion (or not so special occasion) as an excuse to be immodest.
  • You commit to continually asking yourself “Would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were in the Lord’s presence?”

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments, but please remember to be respectful and mindful of others. Try to base what you say on what is found in the For the Strength of Youth section on Dress and Appearance.

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