Daily Reminder on Work and Self-Reliance: #3 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, commit to work hard to achieve my goals.

“Develop self-discipline, and be dependable.” – For the Strength of Youth

Try to think of a specific way that you can develop your self-discipline and/or dependability and set a goal to accomplish it.

“The worst reprimand I ever received and possibly the best lesson I ever learned was when my father said to me, “My boy, I thought I could depend on you.” My father was a bishop and had left my younger brother and me to do some special work while he was away preparing for a funeral in the ward. We thought he would be away longer than he was, and when he returned he found us wasting our time riding calves.

“I knew my father loved me, and I loved him and always wanted to please him. So when he said, “I thought I could depend on you,” it really cut to the quick; and I made up my mind right then and there that he would never again have reason to say that to me.

“This experience disappointed him and hurt me. As I thought about it, I determined that I would so live that no one would ever have reason to say, “I thought I could depend on you.” I began to realize that if my father were offended, my Heavenly Father also would certainly expect me to do the things that I agreed with him to do when I was baptized, when I was ordained to the priesthood, or when I accepted an office in the Church.

“At that time I made up my mind that I would so live that my Father in heaven would never have reason to say, “I thought I could depend on you.” And I have tried to live accordingly. Of course, I have done things for which I have had to repent, but my resolve has been to live so that the Lord could depend on me.” – Dependability by N. Eldon Tanner, emphasis added

Have I prayed to my Father in Heaven for help and guidance in achieving my goals?

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