Daily Reminder on Work and Self-Reliance: #12 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, commit to work hard to achieve my goals.

“The Lord has commanded us not to be idle.” – For the Strength of Youth

Set a goal related to idleness.

“Do not waste your time and money in gambling. Gambling is wrong and should not be used as a form of entertainment. It is addictive and can lead to lost opportunities, ruined lives, and broken families. It is false to believe that you can get something for nothing.” – For the Strength of Youth

“Gambling weakens the ethics of work, industry, thrift, and service—the foundation of national prosperity—by holding out the seductive lure of something for nothing. By the same token, gambling encourages idleness, with all of its resulting bad effects for society.” – The Evils of Gambling by Dallin H. Oaks. For a more recent talk that includes this quote, see “Don’t Bet on It!”: A Latter-day Saint Look at Gambling by Marvin K. Gardner

Quote Submitted by Steve Evans

Have I prayed to my Father in Heaven for help and guidance in achieving my goals?

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