Daily Reminder on Sexual Purity: #5 out of 21

I, ____________________, commit to be sexually pure. By my words and my actions, I will encourage others to do the same.

“When you are sexually pure… you protect yourself from the spiritual and emotional damage that come from sharing sexual intimacy outside of marriage.” – For the Strength of Youth

“True love is the centerpiece attribute in both the first and second great commandments—on which every other law hangs! Therefore, to misunderstand the true nature of love is to misunderstand life.

“To be unchaste, in the name of love, is to destroy something precious in order to celebrate its existence wrongly. [Sexual immorality is dangerous because it is so desensitizing, making people past feeling.] When we lose our capacity to feel, it is because we have destroyed the taste buds of the soul.” – Reasons to Stay Pure by Neal A. Maxwell

Have I prayed to my Father in Heaven for help resisting temptation and overcoming inappropriate thoughts and feelings?

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