Daily Reminder on Sabbath Day Observance: #17 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will prepare so that I can reserve Sunday for the activities that are appropriate for the Sabbath day.

“Sunday is not a day for shopping, recreation, or athletic events. Do not seek entertainment or make purchases on this day.” – For the Strength of Youth

I, ____________________, commit not do activities that are inappropriate for the Sabbath this coming Sunday.

“In our time God has recognized our intelligence by not requiring endless restrictions. Perhaps this was done with a hope that we would catch more of the spirit of Sabbath worship rather than the letter thereof. In our day, however, this pendulum of Sabbath day desecration has swung very far indeed. We stand in jeopardy of losing great blessings promised. After all, it is a test by which the Lord seeks to “prove you in all things” (D&C 98:14) to see if your devotion is complete.” – The Lord’s Day by James E. Faust

What is the main things I need to do today so that I won’t have to do it on Sunday?

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