Daily Reminder on Sabbath Day Observance: #12 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will prepare so that I can reserve Sunday for the activities that are appropriate for the Sabbath day.

“During sacrament meeting, be reverent and willing to learn. Refrain from activities that would distract you or others during this sacred meeting.” – For the Strength of Youth

This coming Sunday, ____________________, commit to be reverent during sacrament meeting and willing to learn. I will refrain from activities that would distract me or others during the meeting.

“If we teach or receive in any way other than by the Spirit, it is not of God. Only the Spirit knows our every thought, our every feeling, our every need. Only He can communicate specifically and individually to each of us what we need to know, based on God’s perfect wisdom.

“As learners, we should not expect to be constantly entertained, emotionally stimulated, or spoon-fed; we should actively, prayerfully prepare for and seek specific inspiration from the Spirit to help us face the unique challenges in our own lives. Whether a class instructor is a 20-year veteran institute teacher or a new convert plumber who has never taught a class before should make little difference in the quality of our learning. Peter was a fisherman; Joseph Smith had no more than a third-grade education. But the Spirit spoke powerfully through them to those who had “ears to hear” (Matthew 11:15).” – To Be Edified and Rejoice Together by A. Roger Merrill

What is the main things I need to do today so that I won’t have to do it on Sunday?

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