Daily Reminder on Repentance: #12 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will strive to bring the power of the Atonement into my life.

Once you have confessed your sins to the Lord, “seek forgiveness from those you have wronged, and restore as far as possible what has been damaged by your actions.” – For the Strength of Youth

Today and for the next 9 days, I, ____________________, commit to seek forgiveness of those I’ve wronged and restore as far as possible what has been damaged by my actions.

“Sometimes we wonder why we remember our sins long after we have forsaken them. Why does the sadness for our mistakes at times continue following our repentance?

“You will remember a tender story told by President James E. Faust. “As a small boy on the farm … , I remember my grandmother … cooking our delicious meals on a hot woodstove. When the wood box next to the stove became empty, Grandmother would silently pick up the box, go out to refill it from the pile of cedar wood outside, and bring the heavily laden box back into the house.”

“President Faust’s voice then filled with emotion as he continued: “I was so insensitive … I sat there and let my beloved grandmother refill the kitchen wood box. I feel ashamed of myself and have regretted my [sin of] omission for all of my life. I hope someday to ask for her forgiveness.”

“More than 65 years had passed. If President Faust still remembered and regretted not helping his grandmother after all those years, should we be surprised with some of the things we still remember and regret?

“The scriptures do not say that we will forget our forsaken sins in mortality. Rather, they declare that the Lord will forget.

“The forsaking of sins implies never returning. Forsaking requires time. To help us, the Lord at times allows the residue of our mistakes to rest in our memory. It is a vital part of our mortal learning.

“As we honestly confess our sins, restore what we can to the offended, and forsake our sins by keeping the commandments, we are in the process of receiving forgiveness. With time, we will feel the anguish of our sorrow subside, taking “away the guilt from our hearts” and bringing “peace of conscience.”

“For those who are truly repentant but seem unable to feel relief: continue keeping the commandments. I promise you, relief will come in the timetable of the Lord. Healing also requires time.

“If you are concerned, counsel with your bishop. A bishop has the power of discernment. He will help you.” – “Repent … That I May Heal You” by Neil L. Andersen, emphasis added.

How can I do better today than I did yesterday?

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