Daily Reminder on Language: #19 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will always speak kindly and politely to and about* others.

“Avoid gossip of any kind.” – For the Strength of Youth

Today and until July 12, I, ____________________, will avoid gossip of any kind.

*The words “and about” were supposed to be in at the beginning, but now that I noticed their absence I’ve inserted them for the last few days.

“When we gossip, it’s amazing how often the person we talk about finds out what we’ve said. People often sense when they are being discussed, or word simply gets back to them. Like the liar, we feel a need to look over our shoulders after having participated in gossip.

“Our relationships are again affected as we alienate ourselves from others. We feel a cold, hollow hypocrisy as we greet or deal with people we have talked about negatively. Our own feelings of worth and our outlook on life are affected as we expect others to talk about us with the same lack of regard. We become nervous about appearing less than perfect because others might talk about us. After all, how can we expect others to act more nobly than we ourselves are acting? Worse, we pull ourselves away from Heavenly Father and cannot feel the warmth of his approval when we are being unkind to his other children. We alienate ourselves spiritually and thus feel even more shut out.” – The Frigid Wind of Gossip, Name Withheld

Want to know what exactly you’re committing to? Read the Language section of For the Strength of Youth: http://forthestrengthofall.com/for-the-strength-of-youth/language/

Ask yourself: “What do the words I use say about me?”

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