Daily Reminder on Honesty and Integrity: #2 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will be honest with myself, others, and God at all times.

“Being honest means choosing not to lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in any way.” – For the Strength of Youth

Today and over the next three weeks, I, ____________________, will not lie, I will not steal, I will not cheat, and I will not deceive in any way.

“There are different shades of truth telling. When we tell little white lies, we become progressively color-blind. It is better to remain silent than to mislead. The degree to which each of us tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth depends on our conscience. David Casstevens of the Dallas Morning News tells a story about Frank Szymanski, a Notre Dame center in the 1940s, who had been called as a witness in a civil suit at South Bend, Indiana.

““Are you on the Notre Dame football team this year?” the judge asked.

““Yes, Your Honor.”

““What position?”

““Center, Your Honor.”

““How good a center?”

“Szymanski squirmed in his seat, but said firmly, “Sir, I’m the best center Notre Dame has ever had.”

“Coach Frank Leahy, who was in the courtroom, was surprised. Szymanski always had been modest and unassuming. So when the proceedings were over, he took Szymanski aside and asked why he had made such a statement. Szymanski blushed. “I hated to do it, Coach,” he said. “But, after all, I was under oath.”” – Honesty—a Moral Compass by James E. Faust, emphasis added.


Want to know what exactly you’re committing to? Read the Honesty and Integrity section of For the Strength of Youth: http://forthestrengthofall.com/for-the-strength-of-youth/honesty-and-integrity/

Ask yourself: “Am I honest in all my conversations and dealings? Yes or no?” Try to think of a way to do better.

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