Daily Reminder on Friends: #12 out of 21

Today I,  ____________________, will strive to be a good friend.

“Invite your friends of other faiths to your Church meetings and activities. Help them feel welcome and included. Many people have joined the Church through the example and fellowship of their friends.” – For the Strength of Youth

Depending on your situation for today, do either of the following:

I, ____________________, commit to inviting a friend to a Church meeting or activity today.


I, ____________________, commit to thinking right now of a friend whom I will invite to a Church meeting or activity before next Friday.

Real friends share the gospel—the living of it and the loving of it. No stronger bond nor higher compliment can be given from one friend to another.” – Real Friendship by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Want to know what exactly you’re committing to? Read the Friends section of For the Strength of Youth: http://forthestrengthofall.com/for-the-strength-of-youth/friends/

Ask yourself now and throughout the day, “Am I being a good friend?”

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