Daily Reminder on Dress and Appearance: #8 out of 21

Today I, ____________________, will show my love to the Savior by respecting my body.

“When you dress immodestly, you send a message that is contrary to your identity as a son or daughter of God.” – For the Strength of Youth

Today and for the next two weeks, I ____________________, commit to remember my identity as a child of God.

“Susan W. Tanner, former Young Women general president: “[Did] your mother or father ever [remind you] to ‘remember … that you are a child of God and must act accordingly’[?] Missionaries wear a badge as a constant reminder … to dress modestly and comely, to treat people with politeness, and to strive to have Christ’s image in their countenances. … By covenant, we too have all taken upon ourselves Christ’s name. His name should be engraven inwardly upon our hearts. Likewise, we are expected to act as worthy children of Heavenly Father, who, at least figuratively, has sent us to earth with the admonition ‘Remember who you are!’ ” (“Daughters of Heavenly Father,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2007, 107).” – All Human Beings Are Created in the Image of God

Would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were in the Lord’s presence?

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