Daily Reminder on Dress and Appearance: #4 out of 21

I, ____________________, commit to living the Lord’s standards for dress and appearance word for word as written in For the Strength of Youth until February 1st.

“Do not disfigure yourself with tattoos or body piercings. Young women, if you desire to have your ears pierced, wear only one pair of earrings” – For the Strength of Youth


Until February 1st, I, ____________________, commit to not disfigure my body with tattoos or body piercings.*


I, ____________________, commit to never disfigure my body with tattoos or body piercings.*

For Women:

I, ____________________, commit to not wearing more than one pair of earrings at a time.

*The Church discourages the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes, although it takes no position on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earrings. From https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2000/10/your-greatest-challenge-mother?lang=eng 

Link to read the Dress and Appearance section of For the Strength of Youth: http://forthestrengthofall.com/for-the-strength-of-youth/dress-and-appearance/

Ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were in the Lord’s presence?” – For the Strength of Youth

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