Daily Reminder on Dress and Appearance: #16 out of 21

I, ____________________, commit to living the Lord’s standards for dress and appearance word for word as written in For the Strength of Youth until February 1st.

“Through your dress and appearance, you can show how precious your body is to you. You can show that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ and that you love Him” – For the Strength of Youth

Until February 1st, I, ____________________, will be neat and clean. I will avoid being inappropriately casual in my clothing, my hairstyle, and my behavior.

“One of the tell-tale signs of creeping apostasy among the Nephites – and, by extension, that of any civilization- is their obsession with costly apparel. It is noteworthy that the text seldom mentions the beauty or appearance of the clothing, only that it costs much.

“When form has replaced function to such a degree that a people place a premium upon those things that are the most expensive, then their appreciation for that which matters most is fading rapidly.

“On the other hand, when a people like the Nephites (at this period in their history) choose to be pleasant in appearance, to be “neat and comely”- not being obsessed with fleeting fashions and fads- then they have established proper priorities and will enjoy the approbation of heaven.” – Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3, by Joseph F. McKonkie and Robert L. Millet. From http://bookofmormononline.net/reign-of-judges/prosperity

Want to know what exactly you’re committing to? Read the Dress and Appearance section of For the Strength of Youth: http://forthestrengthofall.com/for-the-strength-of-youth/dress-and-appearance//

Ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were in the Lord’s presence?” – For the Strength of Youth

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