Clean Music Suggestions

It can sometimes be hard to find good music to listen to, but given how many people there are in this program some of us ought to have found some. I thought it’s be nice to make a post that people could comment about music that they like and believe stick to the For the Strength of Youth standards. As people leave suggestions I’ll add them to this post. – Free 24/7 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singing. I’ve used this several times while on the computer for a long time. – Beautiful and inspiring music piano/cello music merging classic and pop songs. You can buy the music on the linked website or watch their amazing videos for free on YouTube. – They Might Be Elders, a Mormon group who parodies popular songs with fun and clean lyrics. While I don’t vouch for the songs they parody, if you’re tired of slow songs and just want normal pop songs, these guys have fixed the lyrics.

(Note: while all my suggestions were Mormon, that certainly does not mean that there aren’t others out there. I just don’t listen to much music.)

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