2016 Education Segment Closing Post

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the Education segment! The next segment will be starting later today when I send out the initiation email at about 6:00 pm ET. The topic will be Entertainment and the Media, and the segment will last for three weeks, until Sunday April 3. Warning though: this is easily one of the hardest segments, so be ready.

Before you let this topic rest, ask yourself “How have I been blessed by living this standard?” Write what you think of down. It can be a specific instance, a favorite quote, a feeling, a thought, whatever it is, write it down. I find it helps me to put the hard work into perspective, seeing how much it has helped.

Finally, to end the segment, I just like the way that Elder Oaks described the Latter Day Saint view of education in his talk Learning and Latter-day Saints:

“There are few things more fulfilling and fun than learning something new. Great happiness, satisfaction, and financial rewards come from this. An education is not limited to formal study. Lifelong learning can increase our ability to appreciate and relish the workings and beauty of the world around us. This kind of learning goes well beyond books and a selective use of new technology, such as the Internet. It includes artistic endeavors. It also includes experiences with people and places: conversations with friends, visits to museums and concerts, and opportunities for service. We should expand ourselves and enjoy the journey.”

~ George

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