2016 Daily Reminder on Dating: #4 out of 14

I, ____________________, will be a righteous influence on those I date.

“You should not date until you are at least 16 years old.” – For the Strength of Youth

(If applicable)

I, ____________________, commit to not date until I am at least 16 years old.

(If applicable)

I, ____________________, will teach my children that they should not date until they are at least 16 years old.

“In order to avoid difficulty and possible temptation, I suggest again the following standard. Any dating or pairing off in social contacts should be postponed until at least the age of 16 or older, and even then there should still be much judgment used in selections and in the seriousness. Young people should still limit the close contacts for several years, since the boy will be going on his mission [soon].

“Dating and especially steady dating in the early teens is most hazardous. It distorts the whole picture of life. It deprives you of worthwhile and rich experiences; it limits friendships; it reduces the acquaintances which can be so valuable in selecting a partner for time and eternity.

“There is definitely a time for the dance, for travel, for associations, for the date, and even for the steady date that will culminate in the romance which will take young people to the holy temple for eternal marriage. But it is the timing that is so vital. It is wrong to do even the right things at the wrong time in the wrong place under the wrong circumstances.” – President Kimball Speaks Out on Morality by President Spencer W. Kimball

What can I do to practice virtue and holiness before God continually?

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